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        Respect for talent, and talent to create a broad space for development.
        Use of personnel, corporate talent development stage.
        Talent development: the company's efforts to create a fair competition environment and is committed to the training of professional management, pool management group to understand, good management, expertise and talents constant pursuit of excellence. Here for each employee in the career Benz battlefield, and to create a suitable working environment, including training and education programs, Pave the Way for the achievement of their career; continue to progress as long as you pay the thought and effort, eventually you will get a fair assessment of harvest; you to give full play to their wisdom, or through hard work and acceptance of the company's training, from the ordinary employee growth is an excellent management and technical personnel, as well as corporate contribute to the development.
        The company is committed to being a learning organization. Learning organization, employees can continue to learn as a wonderful lifestyle. Lifelong learning, self-improvement is to expand and create a future source of power. The competitive advantage is facilitated through individual and collective learning, learning ability is the fundamental guarantee of the successful people and successful businesses. The face of the era of the knowledge economy, can only rely on continuous learning, enrich themselves, in order to keep up with the changing times the pace of development.
        The company has a comprehensive training system, focusing on-the-job training of cadres enhance corporate culture training, business management knowledge training, expertise and skills training, new employee training, and organize regular external training, internal training, external and internal training.

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