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         glass washing machine
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        glass horizontal washing machine

        Product Description
         Machine Introduction

        1. Structure Feature:

        1.1 Main drive is gear drive, motor speed is controled by frequency inverter, digital display show speed and glass thickness.  Roller Brush are drove by upper and lower motors with separate belt, which has smooth speed and long service life.
        1.2 Metal plates of washing part and parts which contacts with water are made of stainless steel.
        1.3 All transmitting rubber rollers of the machine are vulcanized rubber (They are forbidden to contact with acidic liquids.).
        1.4 Washing part and drying part can be rose up to 350mm as a whole, which is convenient to wash and maintained.
        1.5 The machine has three pairs of brushes (Φ150mm).  When washing Low-E Glass:The upper  two hard brushes can be risen up by cylinder and just leave one soft brush, this will avoid damaging surface of reflective glass, which can designed to wash low-e glass, ordinary reflective glass and sunshine reflective glass.
        1.6 There is air filter in entering-wind room of blower. The drying effect is better with high airflow. The whole blower is installed on the workshop, and it can rise up with washing and drying parts, which occupy little space.
        1.7 The machine has two pairs of air knife, which have large wind and good drying effect.
        1.8 Metal plates of other parts are painted with top-grade machine paint.

         Technical parameters

         Item  ZX-2500B
         The maximum glass width:  2500 mm(width)
         The minimum glass size  400mm×400mm
         Glass thickness range


        digital readout

         Roller brush:  3 pair
         Working speed  Thickness of glass is less than 5mm, Vmax= 7m/min
        Thickness of glass is 8mm to 12mm, V<= 3m/min
        Thickness of glass is 15mm-19mm, V= 2m/min
         Way for changing speed of main drive:  variable frequency speed control;
         Working table height  880mm
         Total power  28kw
         External dimension  55500*3500*2700
         Weight:  5120kg

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